Patsy Harland-Hill                                   Therapeutic Counsellor

My Vision

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was looking for help and I couldn't find it anywhere. I woke up one day and my whole internal operating system was down. My Central Nervous System was fried. Nobody could "fix it". And just like that my life changed overnight - computer said: NO MORE! 

I tried the NHS and Mental Health Charities, and although they did their very best for me, sessions were limited. Private Counselling was far too expensive at the time. I didn't know where to turn for help, but I knew I had to at least try! This couldn't be happening to me, right?


My experiences lead me to spend many years of exploration and study. And eventually to become a Therapeutic Counsellor. Not what I had in mind for myself at all, and yet, I can now say that I wouldn't change a thing. Because now I am able to be here for you today, and, I love what I do.

Here is a brief snapshot of how I came to heal, and be where, and who, I am now...

Alone and afraid

The Buddhist Monks

Out of utter desperation I decided to reach out to Buddhist Monks. I went to stay with them in exchange for work. They taught me how to breathe, how to meditate, and, how to see this as an opportunity to change myself from the inside out. It was NOT easy, (for them or for me, lol). Meditation was NOT my "thing". Eventually I learned how to control my thoughts, feelings and Central Nervous System. I could see a light at the end of my tunnel. But I knew my journey had just begun, I knew there had to be more.

Step by step

Finding inner strength

I came home and started to read everything and anything I could access. I learned about many coping strategies and tried them all for myself. Many were effective, others...not so much. I found an affordable therapist who helped me immensely. I spoke to my G.P. who also helped me. Until one day, years later he said to me "Patsy, you need to be on the other side of the desk now, because you know more than I do about Mental Health". By the end of the day I had enrolled on my first course at College.



My studies progressed, year upon year. I found that I was becoming hopeful for the future. I decided to become t-total. I changed my diet. There were a lot of changes! But those changes started inside. I realised that my personal experiences of childhood abandonment, sexual abuse and the pressures of decades working in a corporate environment gave me a unique perspective. That maybe one day, I could save people all this trouble and become the best Counsellor I could possibly be, for others. Hope bloomed.

Whole and Healed

Finding my tribe and my stride

I met many wonderful people on my journey. I worked with Turning Point, Mind and Choose Therapy. My co-students and tutors became my friends and support network. I had found my tribe. I reflected that moving to Italy when I was just 16, working there for 10 years & learning the language, was a good experience in resilience, and if I could do that I could do anything. I had found my stride. I was back, and I was going to do something worthwhile with the rest of my life, by being the bridge for others to find their way back to wellness.                            (That means YOU).


My vision is simple. To help you heal. If I can do it so can you.

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